Description of the Program

Clinicians commonly see patients with coexistence of heart and kidney diseases. The interaction of these two conditions markedly impacts the diagnosis, management and prognosis. At The 2nd International Nephrocardiology Conference, the latest findings of various aspects of this interaction will be explored by internationally recognized experts.

Learning Objectives

Improve the knowledge base and practical skills in evaluation and management of patients and clinical conditions that involve both the heart and the kidney.

This conference is expected to improve the ability of the attendees to:

  • Understand the latest findings regarding epidemiology and pathophysiology of combined heart and kidney diseases.
  • Understand the challenges of diagnosing a heart or kidney abnormality when the other organ is also involved or when the diagnostic process results in damage to the other organ.
  • Understand the challenges of managing a heart or kidney abnormality when the other organ is also involved or when the management process results in damage to the other organ.
  • Apply the optimal approach in diagnosis and management of combined heart and kidney abnormalities and prevent damage to the other organ when approaching a patient with heart or kidney diseases.
  • Identify the common risk factors for heart and kidney diseases and learn the risk factor management strategies that are optimal for both of the organs.
  • Learn about general and organ specific characteristics of systemic diseases that involve both heart and kidney and their up to date diagnostic and management strategies in different clinical scenarios.

Target Audience

This course has been designed to be useful for clinicians, researchers and trainees in the fields of nephrology, cardiology, internal medicine and its subspecialties, hospital medicine, family medicine, primary care, pediatrics, emergency medicine, pulmonary and critical care medicine, geriatrics, anesthesiology, and clinical pharmacy.

Furthermore, those practicing in clinical and/or research in other areas of medicine that encounter patients with heart and kidney diseases will benefit from this course.

In addition to physicians and scientists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other relevant allied health professionals will find this conference useful.

Additional Advantages

The daily conference schedule has been planned to end early in the afternoon for the attendees to be able to enjoy the wonders of Orlando during the nice, warm and sunny month of February. Numerous entertaining amenities of the Hotel as well as the free shuttle to amusement parks enable the family and friends of the attendees to enjoy their time before the attendee joins them in the afternoon. The Gaylord Palms Resort is offering the conference attendees the discounted rate from 3 days before until 3 days after the conference, for those who would like to combine this outstanding educational experience with an unforgettable, amazing vacation.